Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

Many people believe that chiropractic only serves to combat back pain or spinal pain, but this is a wrong topic. Recent studies show that chiropractic can fight pain at the cellular level throughout our body.

The human body contains approximately 60 different chemicals and each is responsible for functions and varied to regulate the levels of pleasure and pain measurements, something related to back pain and muscle.

Is Chiropractic just for back pain?

Elements such as potassium and calcium help contract muscles and regulate the heartbeat. Sodium controls the water balance in the body and fluoride protects the teeth against decay. There are also four chemicals that are associated with pain management, and a study published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy has shown that chiropractic care for back pain can influence them.

Chiropractic care is a way to diagnose and treat health problems that affect nerves, muscles, bones, and joints of the body. A healthcare provider that offers this type of care is called the chiropractor.

Manual adjustments of the spine, called spinal manipulation, are the basis of chiropractic care. However,  car accident doctor also uses other types of treatments.

What happens during a visit to a chiropractor?

The first visit in most cases lasts 30 to 60 minutes. The chiropractor will ask about your goals for treatment and your medical history. They will ask about:

  • Current health problems
  • Past illnesses and injuries
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Sleep Habits
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
  • Alcohol, drugs or snuff
  • Diet
  • Mental stress

Let your chiropractor know about any physical issues you may have, and that makes it difficult to perform certain tasks. Also tell if you have any numbness, tingling, weakness or other neurological problem.

After asking about your health, the chiropractor will do a physical exam. This includes testing the mobility of the spine (how well the spine moves). The car accident doctor also conducts some tests, such as blood pressure checked and take x-rays.

Treatment begins in the first or second consultation in most cases.

You may be asked to lie on a special table where the chiropractor performs spinal manipulation.

The most common treatment is that chiropractic care for back pain is done by hand. It involves moving a joint of the spine to the maximum of its range, followed by a slight compression. This is often called “adjustment” and realigns the bones of the spine so that they are straight.

The chiropractor may also perform other treatments such as massages and other soft tissue work.

Some people are a little sore, stiff and tired for a few days after handling. This is because your body is adjusting to its new alignment. You should not feel any pain following manipulation.

How many treatments do you need?

Most of the time, it takes more than one session to correct a problem. Treatments usually last several weeks. The chiropractor may suggest 2 or 3 short sessions a week at first. These sessions would only last about 10 to 20 minutes each. Treatment may be only needed one a week when you start moving. You and your chiropractor will discuss the effectiveness of treatment based on the goals set in the first session.

What conditions are better for chiropractic?

Chiropractic treatment is more effective under the following conditions:

  • The subacute back pain (pain for three months or less)
  • Exacerbations of chronic back pain
  • Pain in the neck

Who should not be treated by a chiropractor?

People should not receive chiropractic treatment in parts of their bodies affected by:

  • Fractures or bone tumors
  • Arthritis severe
  • Bone or joint infections
  • Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) serious

Very rarely, neck manipulation can damage blood vessels and cause strokes. It is also very uncommon manipulation can worsen the condition. However, the evaluation process that your chiropractor does in his first visit aims to see if you might be at high risk of these problems. If so, your chiropractor will not perform the manipulation of the neck.

If you suffer from back pain or any other type of bone or muscle pain, you can contact us and through chiropractic sessions solve your problem. Go ahead and make an appointment.

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